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Is Your Baby's Head Shape Developing Normally?

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Monitor Your Baby's Head Shape Development with SoftSpot

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 30% discount and one free consultation session with our physical therapists!

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What is SoftSpot?

A mobile app cleared by the FDA and developed by Johns Hopkins scientists to allow at-home measurement of head shape deformations.

Why SoftSpot?

Benefits You Will Love


Convenience at Your Fingertips

Instant Scans with Your Smartphone, Zero Wait!

SoftSpot delivers instant at-home baby head scans, eliminating appointment waits and workday disruptions.

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Smart Savings

Avoid Hefty Future Costs!

SoftSpot is your economical ally, preventing the thousands of $ in treatment expenses, ensuring your child’s wellbeing today.

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Expert Consultation

A Specialist’s Insight, A Click Away!

Scan, share, and swiftly schedule consultations with specialists.  Navigate your child's health journey with ease and expert support.


Peace of Mind

Confidence in Every Scan!

Step into tranquility. Each SoftSpot scan ensures your baby's head shape is tracked, bringing clarity and peace of mind.

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